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Transforming the Face of Health Care:
Pointing the Way towards its Future


The electronic Child Health Network is a crucial innovation that revolutionizes the sharing of patient health information among medical professionals. eCHN is Canada's first province-wide integrated electronic health record. It is a secure electronic network that enables authorized care providers across Ontario to access health information about paediatric patients, instantly, from many different sources. eCHN is operated as a non-profit, government-funded institution. It collects the data resulting from patients' interactions with the health care system and consolidates them into the form of a single medical WebChart. eCHN provides a coherent, accurate and up-to-date patient record that is available wherever and whenever needed.


eCHN is founded on the principle that up-to-date, accurate and comprehensive patient health information is vital to the process of medical decision-making. The key objective is to improve the quality of care delivered to children throughout Ontario's health facilities. eCHN is dedicated to its role as the preferred source of patient health information for Ontario's paediatric care providers.


eCHN's vision for the future is that its achievement will support and advance the development of a universal health record for the province. The remarkable utility of an integrated electronic record for the paediatric population has been demonstrated. eCHN now serves as the model for how to build a larger integrated health record for the entire population of Ontario.

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10th anniversary

Quick Facts

Total number of new patients in last 12 months - 244,974

Total number of patient encounters with health care system -  22,097,355

Total number of new patient encounters in last 12 months - 2,611,487

Total number of clinical transactions - 133,891,313

Total number of new transactions in last 12 months - 15,999,371

Total number of hospital sites - 105

Total number of Community Care Access Centre sites - 85

Total number of Children's Treatment Centre sites - 39

Total number of clinic sites - 168

Total number of Active Users in last 12 months - 7,268

Total number of Physician Users' Accounts (in clinics and offices) - 8,832

Total number of reports provided by member sites - 60,796,724

Total number of new reports in last 12 months - 6,077,411

Total number of clinical documents viewed in last 12 months - 817,209

Last updated December 31, 2016